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Erna B. Wijayanti as Director

I am so grateful that you have taken the time to consider partnering with PT. Burda Contraco to serve you. while we are proud of our work and the results that we will help you achieve, it is the relationship we build that will endure.

PT. Burda Contraco was established in 2005, a company engaged in construction services in the fields of civil, infrastructure, and steel construction. The company initiated the business from the garage and started all with the limitations of tools and human resources. Burda in the business is more likely to support the work of larger construction companies as sub-con and individuals. For the time being, Burda now has offices, workshops, warehouses, heavy equipment and has been able to recruit competent human resources to realize the needs of consumers, both individuals, the private sector, state-owned enterprises, and the state to handle various construction works.

We look forward to working closely with you and your team.


1. Providing excellent service with the best quality and price
2. Building and creating a good image of the company
3. Maintaining commitment and good relations with partners


Being a competent company and having integrity based on honesty and professionalism